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How to Write a Descriptive Essay: Elements of the Content and Writing Styles

Descriptive writing is a specific type of academic essay writing, which has a set of peculiarities and demands. Well, they are actually clear and easy, if explained by a professional writer, who has a tutoring experience. That is why it will be a good idea to ask EssayCool.Com experts how to write a descriptive essay.


What Should You Know about Descriptive Essay Writing?

Descriptive writing is next to expository, argumentative, and narrative writing types. Thus, you should clearly feel its differences from them. The main thing you should understand is the main element you deal with while writing a descriptive essay. The main thing for a descriptive writing is a feature. All you do is giving the set of interlinked features, which create a full and coherent picture of what you write about. Moreover, the features should be different, so the description won`t appear to be one-sided.


Types of Features You Can Include

Let`s think of how to write a descriptive essay, so your customer understands it fully. There are 5 main types of features, which a human body percepts:

           1. Visual Features

We trust what we see. They say, that the most of information is being received through our eyesight. Thus, the first thing you should take care about is giving the visual features for your reader through words. Remember about the color, shape etc.

           2. Audial Features

There are also the sound features, which we can here. Actually, the sound features are possible only for the moving subjects. For example, a table produces no sound if it is not the old one moving with a creak.

           3. Tactile Features

If we can touch something, the object can also be characterized from a tactile point of view. Something can be soft of firm, pleasant or thorny, warm or cold etc.

           4. Smell

Some objects also can be characterized from a smell point. However, if something has a certain smell, you are to tell about this, as the characteristics won`t be full without this.

           5. Taste

This is the set of features, which can be the most rarely written about, as far not every subject can have a certain taste. Only food and drinks can be described with the help of features of the taste nature. Never try to write about the taste of a phone or a table, as this will definitely look weird and inappropriate.


Variations of the Descriptive Writing

There can be different variants of descriptive writing, depending on the purpose, subject and other extra-linguistic features. Here are the main two contrastive ones:

  • A Detailed and Strict Description

If you are required to complete a scientific description or a detailed description on business purposes, you should be as exact as it is possible.

  • A Poetic Description

If you need to make your essay look good and poetic, you should include metaphors and comparison to description. The fresher and more unexpected metaphors you include, the better will be your essay text.


How to Find Out How to Write a Descriptive Essay Properly?

As you have already understood, it is necessary to define what exact type of description you need from the assignment instructions. However, if you face difficulties with this and you need any help regarding the descriptive essay writing, experts with EssayCool.Com writing service will always be glad to help you.

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