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How to Write an Essay Well: General Tips to Be Followed

Essay writing skill gets developed with experience. However, to skip the first stage of getting poor grades, you can benefit from advice of experts, who are glad to share their good writing experience.


Modern Demands to Essay Writing

If you want to learn how to write an essay properly and you are interested in getting high grades, you should be aware of what you are required to do.


1. Cover the Topic Well

To write an essay you should fully understand the issue you are dealing with. Therefore, it is important to check reliable academic sources every time you need to write an essay.

2. Express Your Personal Opinion

An essay writing type requires one to express his personal point of view. However, in not all of essays you can feel free to say what you want. The personal approach can be represented by the selection of information you give, by accents and/or structuring.

3. Do Not Plagiarize

Plagiarism is probably the worst thing you can do writing an essay. Unoriginal essay will give you an F grade and a lot of academic problems in addition. Thus, write essays originally, and never try to ease the writing process with the help of copying and pasting.

4. Format Properly

Another issue closely connected with the plagiarism one is formatting. There are some format/citation styles and you can find the required one under your essay instructions. Make sure you follow all the specifications for each particular source type. All the copied parts and ideas should be also properly cited in text in order to avoid any confusions.

5. Structure Your Essay

No one can get A grade for a paper with 1 paragraph within 2 pages. To make your essay clear and written logically, you should divide the text into paragraphs. Generally one essay needs to have three main parts.

     A. Introduction

Your introduction will take one paragraph with a few sentences. This part should not exceed 10% from the whole text. To make your introduction better, start in with a hook. The last sentence of your introduction is special one called “thesis statement”. It introduces your particular topic and points to talk about in body paragraphs.

     B. Body Part

A body part generally has not less than 3 paragraphs. Each paragraph expresses one certain idea. It is a good idea to include examples and links to reliable sources here.

     C. Conclusion

Conclusion takes approximately as much as introduction. It includes the paraphrased thesis statement, the main arguments/points summarized. Also, you can put accents on the things you consider to be important.


3 Main Essay Writing Steps

A good writer never omits any of the steps below.


1. Pre-Writing

This step includes searching for sources and major investigation on the issue. You should be sure that you know what to write about to proceed to the next step. Notes done within the prewriting step will be helpful further.


2. Writing

The writing step is the main one.

  • Outlining

Write an outline even if this is not required. You will see how helpful it is in writing and structuring your paper. With a well-written outline you won’t get stuck.

  • Writing the First Draft

The first draft writing is actually putting all of your ideas into a paper in order set by your outline.


3. Editing and Proofreading

To get the perfect essay, you should work on your draft and polish it. Only the proofread paper having no mistakes deserve an A.


To get helped at any step of esay completion or with any essay writing issue, you are welcome to contact us!

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