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Do My Homework for Me: Why EssayCool.Com Is a Better Choice?

Do my homework

If you want to save money, you may search for a freelance writer to ask him “do my homework for me at a low price”. Nevertheless, this is not the best decision. Read more to find out why EssayCool.Com is a better helper.

Minuses of Freelance Writer

Let`s see, what is different, if you ask a freelance writer “do my homework for me”? Why most of students prefer paying extra and working with custom writing services?

  1. Professionalism Issue

    There are a lot of custom writing companies, who hire the best professional writers at good job conditions. Working with a company guarantees regular orders flow and convenient co-operation with customers. Why there are writers, who are offering their services and are searching for a job, while others are overloaded with orders from writing services? Most likely, they are not proficient enough to be hired. Do not pay to losers.

  2. Payment Aspect

    When you hire a freelance writer, you simply send money to someone`s personal account without any guarantees. Isn`t this risky? We are a company having verified accounts with worldwide known payment systems, and we have all the policies and guarantees for you not to worry.

    “once I faced serious troubles, as I paid to a person offering his assistance and since that time could not reach him. Good that I could ask essaycool.com to do my homework assignment urgently”, Economics, “The Great Recession”, 3 pages

  3. Guarantees for the Maximum Confidence

    All in all, there are a lot of small details, which in total make a lot of difference.


    If you ask “do my homework for me online” with…


    A Random Freelance Writer

    Time of delivery

    The specific certain requested time frames will surely be met. We work even with extra urgent deadlines.

    There may be lateness with the order delivery. Extra urgent orders are the most risky.


    There is a set of policies, guarantees, and terms and conditions, which are clear and always kept.

    There are no guarantees of policies for co-operation. Everything is just based on the mutual trust.


    We hire only writers with Master`s or Ph.D. diploma and custom writing experience. Only an expert in your field can work on your assignment.

    The writer may not have the appropriate education and experience to meet your demands fully.

    Quality Check

    There is a quality department to control the quality of orders` performance.

    There is no one to control quality of writing.


    Papers are ran through the special plagiarism detecting system.

    Papers are not being checked on plagiarism, so they may not be fully original.


Homework for me

How to Get a Regular Writer with EssayCool.Com?

There is an advantage of hiring a freelance writer found somewhere on social networks or freelance platforms: you deal with the same person every time you order, and you know what to expect. However, EssayCool.Com offers the same option for you, as it is possible to hire the same expert every time.

“I am glad I have found the perfect writer to help me do my homework for me regularly. I even advised him to my friend. Thanks essaycool for a perfect assistance”, Geography, “Volcanic Hazards”, 2 pages

Step 1: Remember the Order Number of the Paper You Were Satisfied with

There is no need to know the writer`s name or contact information, just note the order number.

Step 2: Indicate the Previous Order Number under Instructions

When placing your new order, please tell “I need the same person to do my homework for me as for the order #*****” under your paper instructions.

Step 3 (optional): Get the Confirmation from Support Team

You can also contact support team and make sure that your requested writer has been assigned. In case the writer is not available, we will definitely notify you.

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