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What Is Essay Service?

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This question is good for those, who have heard about the possibility to order essay for the first time. Actually, essay service is an online opportunity to hire a professional writer, who will work on your assignment. This service is completely different from the storages of essays for sale, as it works with your particular order instructions.

Opportunities Offered by Essay Service on Essaycool.com

For you to understand the specifics of our paper writing service better, check the possibilities we offer for academic writing.

  1. Writing from Scratch

    This is the most frequently requested type of service. If you pay for writing from scratch, that means that you give us your assignment requirements and we perform a paper, which meets them. Students like this essay service because they do not need to spend time and efforts for paper writing at all.

    “you guys are great. I am your regular customer and I feel I am saving tons of time and keep getting high grades. the brilliant essay writing service, I recommend you to all of my friends”, Management, “The Medical System Management”, 5 pages

  2. Assistance & Consultation

    If one has placed an order with us, he automatically gets a possibility to communicate with his helper. There can be three main branches of such a communication.

    • Concerning the Topic of Your Order

      You can discuss the topic of your assignment and learn some more information on your particular issue to be covered. Also, you can make sure that your writer is on the right way of your paper completion.

    • Concerning Academic Writing

      It is also possible to get some hints on academic writing in general. Experts working with Essaycool.com are aware of the modern writing techniques to share their knowledge with you.

    • Concerning Paper Formatting

      Ordering with our custom essay service you can also get consulted on formatting issue. The paper format requirements are quite confusing, so explanations will most likely be needed.

  3. Correction of Drafts

    We also offer you the service dealing with correction of drafts. If you are not sure you have written a good paper, you can come to our comfortable academic writing service for a check by an expert.




    Minor corrections of grammar, spelling etc. are possible

    Minor corrections to the paper content are possible. Up to 30% of paper content can be fixed/replaced.

    Major changes can be applied to the paper`s main sense and content as writer is allowed to change up to 70% of content.


    Includes proofreading as well

    Includes editing and proofreading as well

    No plagiarism free guarantee, since it was you, who has written the text

    Up to 30% of plagiarism free guarantee. We are responsible only for the parts added by our writer

    Up to 70% of plagiarism free guarantee. We are responsible only for the parts added by our writer


    “I enjoy your correction offers. Having ordered rewriting for a few times I learned more on how not to do the same mistakes. a great thanks to your writer”, History, “Herodotus”, 3 pages

How to Place an Order with Our Online Essay Service?

Ordering process is easy and fast for your convenience.

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Step #1: Go to Order Form

You should click on “Order Now” and fill in the fields required. If you have any questions, contact our support team working 24/7.

Step #2: Proceed with the Payment

On the last step you will be suggested to pay for the custom essay service ordered. Payment process is completely secure and we never get your card/account details. Also, even though we are the pre-paid service, we have money back policy.

Way #1: If You Have an Account with Payment System

If you have an account with payment system, you can proceed with using it.

Way #2: If You Want to Pay with Your Card

To pay with any credit/debit card simply enter the required details on the payment system website and our online essay service will get the amount immediately.

After the payment was made, you should do nothing but wait for the order delivery within the requested time.

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