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Help Me Write My Essay: Fruitful Communication as a Bonus!

Help Me Write My Essay Giving Tips

Essay for money

Students usually ask “help me write my essay”, when they want help in writing, but not the custom assignment completion. Also, a lot of people consider that ordering essays is illegal or immoral.

Although we think that this opinion is no more than a stereotype, we still have some services for you to improve.

Services You Can Benefit from

Obviously, writing from scratch is the most popular service, because students do not have time for academic writing. However, when our customers are interested in self-improvement and need consultation from a professional writer regarding their specific writing, they order services for correction.

  1. The Choice of Services

    There are three services, which require you to attach your draft to the request “help me write my essay”. A great advantage of such services is that your writer not only corrects the text, but explains the adjustments and comments the changes.

    “your writer was so helpful! I asked for proofreading, and he did that, but also mentioned, that some parts of my paper should be edited. a paid a small extra amount and he made it just perfect! I really needed A on this paper, and that is what I got due to Essaycool.com”, Nutrition/Dietary, “The Truth about Vitamins”, 4 pages

    • Rewriting Write essay

      The rewriting service is the closest one to writing from scratch. It allows your writer to check your draft and correct up to 70% of its content. This makes it possible for you to get major changes applied to your paper.

    • Editing

      Editing is practically the same as rewriting. However, your writer gets a limit of 30% to perform changes within. This won`t make it possible to change the main sense of the paper, but some arguments and details can be fixed or replaced.

    • Proofreading

      This service is quite popular among the international students and among those, who face issues with grammar. There is no need to lose points for spelling, punctuation, grammar mistakes etc. Our writer can make the paper brilliant for you.

  2. The Difference between Writing and Correction

    Well, the difference is obvious, but we want to show it on example of services offered by Essaycool.com.

    Help Me Write My Essay from Scratch

    Help Me Write My Essay Correcting the Draft

    100% plagiarism free guarantee

    There is no 100% originality guarantee as not the whole text was completed by our writer

    Only assignment instructions are needed

    The draft written by you should be uploaded together with assignment instructions


    You can get your mistakes explained by your writer

    You spend 5 minutes maximum to get the paper done

    You need some time to write your draft and than 5 minutes to place your order.

    You get the perfectly completed paper as a result!

How to Benefit the Most?

There are a few tips for you to enjoy all the benefits you get.

Way #1: Communicate with Writer

Essay Writing

When you ask our expert “help me write my essay”, this does not mean that he can complete your order only. In addition to this he will be glad to consult you on the issues you are interested in.

“I will surely ask the same writer to help me write my essay. He explains so clearly, that I feel this will help me to improve my situation with grades”, Architecture, Building and Planning, “Sustainable Design”, 2 pages

Step 1: Log in to Your Personal Page

Step 2: Click on “Messages” and Then on “New Message”

Step 3: Type in Your Message and Select “To Writer”

The writer will respond to you promptly!

Way #2: Check the Paper Completed Later

While working on your next assignment you can use the order completed as an example! For your convenience it will stay under files.

“thank you i don't only accept the help but i do learn from the assignment given thank you it also help me to understand also thank you”, Human Resources Management (HRM), “Benefits and Compensation”, 5 pages

Step 1: Log In to Your Account

Step 2: Click on the Required Order in the List


Step 3: Download the File for It!

The files will never disappear and will be visible for you only. We care about your convenience, when you ask us “help me write my essay”!

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