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Custom Writing Paper: Save Your Time

Custom Writing

The lack of time is a modern issue. Custom writing paper services contribute a lot to this issue resolving. Indeed, instead of spending all of your time on paper writing, you can also have a possibility to meet your family and/or friends, work out your skills and body, and move on with your career path without any academic losses. EssayCool.Com will be glad to assist you with custom writing paper qualitatively.

Why Does Custom Writing Paper Help to Save Your Time Effectively?

Some students order with unreliable custom writing companies and spend more time on correction of the paper received, than they would have spent on writing. However, with EssayCool.Com you truly get what you want with the minimum waste of time.

  1. You Do Not Need to Search for Sources

    Sometimes it takes long hours of offline and online search to find the reliable and suitable sources for your paper. If you order the custom written paper, this won`t be an issue for you. A professional writer, who is an expert in your field, will simply use the appropriate sources, as all of them are handy in his home library. Even if you order an outline, the sources list will come for free.

    “A great thanks to writer and the perfect list of sources. Also, the sources in pdf uploaded by him helped me for lots of my further papers!”, History, “The History of Animation”, 6 pages

  2. You Do Not Need to Waste Time on Actual Writing

    Writing, editing and proofreading take a lot of valuable time, especially if you are not a good writer and often get stuck. You feel this the most if you have a lot of things to do. There is no need to struggle, as you may simply visit EssayCool.Com for a qualitative custom writing paper help.

  3. The Same Time May Bring Different Results

    If you have a few hours and you need to write a paper within it, you should better order help with EssayCool.Com. The result will be much better in this case. You should think of the value for time as well.


    When You Write by Yourself

    Custom Writing Paper by the Writer with EssayCool.Com

    Deepness of a Topic Covering

    Low, just a surface information

    High: the deep review of the issue from different aspects



    Appropriate academic language with the usage of terms


    Any sources dealing with the required issue

    Only the most suitable and reliable academic sources

    Structure and Idea Flow

    Average, with some logical issues

    Brilliant idea flow and coherent text with different methods of paragraphs interlinking


    There may be some grammar issues

    The perfect grammar

    General Quality

    B to C grade or even lower

    Always A to A+

    “I think that decision to go to sleep and let the writer with EssayCool.com to do my paper was the best way out. Thank you for helping”, Accounting, “Financial Reporting”, 7 pages

How to Check whether a Certain Custom Writing Paper Service Is OK?

Writing Paper

If you have finally decided to order custom writing essay assistance, you need to check whether the service is worth ordering with.

WAY #1: Outside Checking

This may include the following steps:

Step 1: Start a Search with the Request “Essaycool.com reviews”

You will see what others say about our company.

Step 2: Start a Search with the Phone Number

If nothing is told about scammers after you do this, go ahead and order.

Step 3: Check Maps for the Physical Address

Obviously, scammers won`t tell a real existing physical address.

WAY #2: Inside Checking

After you see that the service is trustworthy, check its inner content.

Step 1: Read the Terms and Conditions

Remember, that this part is basic for every company.

Step 2: Check Advertising

If there is no outside advertising, this means that the service is qualitative enough not to search for an extra income.

Step 3: Talk with Support

Communicate with support team to see, whether they are answering to all of your questions. Support shows the general quality of all the service to some extent.

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