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Why do students need to make sure that an expert works on their custom paper? Actually, only a professional writer is able to deliver the high quality work. Thus, the aim of a modern student is to find a reliable custom writing service at a good price to order with regularly.

What Does This Mean “An Academic Writing Expect?”

What features make it possible for us to call the writer professional? Here is what EssayCool.Com found out. Those are also our demands to our employees.

  1. Education

    To write well, a person need to know deeply, what he is writing about. Thus, we hire only those, who have Master’s or Ph.D. diplomas, as this is the best proof of a writer’s being proficient in his academic field.

    “it is good that marketing expert wrote my paper for me qualitatively, as this assignment required an in-depth and professional analysis. I know, who will do my paper on Marketing the next time”, Marketing, “Internet Marketing”, 5 pages

  2. Experience

    Practice is the best teacher. Thus, if you ask us “write my paper for me please”, you always get a person, who has been dealing with such requests for more than 2 years already. Also, tutoring experience is required for better understanding of customers.

    “my writer did a great job. He acts so professionally and fast! Am truly impressed. A great thank you, I recommend my friends to come here for assignment help”, Biology, “Microbiology”, 8 pages

  3. Being Modern and Updated

    Being modern means being aware of the newest updates in world and in academic sphere. Here is the difference between the old school writer and the up-to-date one:

    A Good Research Paper Conclusion

    A Bad One with Mistakes

    Has no new information, just summarizing of what was written previously.

    Has some new facts, which never appeared previously.

    Does not have examples.

    Do have examples.

    Outlines the possibilities for more research on this issue.

    Tells, that everything was already done on this issue and covered within the research paper.

    Helps the reader to understand the main points of the research work.

    Confuses the reader, not telling what the research work was actually for.

    “your writer is cool) I thought all of those professors are dull. Well, the one, who was assigned to write my paper is really a nice one, who knows things. That may have helped him to complete a superb and interesting academic paper for me”, Business Studies, “Developing Your Own Business”, 14 pages

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How Can I Ask the Same Writer to Write My Paper for Me Online?

If you have found a perfect academic writer, you most likely want him to help you again! Here are the possibilities for you to request “I want the previous assistant to write my essay online”:

  • Specify This Under Instructions

    If we see something like “this paper needs to have the same writer, who has written my custom assignment for the order #*****”, we will definitely satisfy your request. The formulation can be any, but it should be clear.

  • Notify Support Team

    It is also possible to arrange this through the help of support team representative. Just message us, call, or contact in live-chat with the words “assign the previous writer to write my assignment for me again”. Please, remember to tell this right after the order was placed.

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