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How to Write an Abstract for a Research Paper: Steps and Hints

Do you know the structural demands for a research paper? Good, because if so, writing an abstract won`t be that difficult for you. If you are not a good and experienced writer, you may need help and information on how to write an abstract for a research paper. Find it here!


Abstract: What Is It?

Abstract is one of the main parts of the research paper and follows the title page. It contains the brief overview of the research paper it is written on. Having checked an abstract, the scientists, who work on the same issue can create an impression on the whole work and consider whether it is useful for them. This major aim should be taken into account while you write an abstract for a research paper. A common abstract usually has no more than 1 page, but it can also have up to 5 sentences.


Writing an Abstract for a Research Paper: Sentence by Sentence

An abstract is a concise part and usually has a clear and common structure.


Sentences # 1-2

The first sentence tells about the topic of your paper. It should be narrow and specific. It reflects your research paper introduction. You can start your abstract with the phrase “This research deals with…”, “the information covered by this research concerns an issue of …”

Sentences # 3-4

Now it is a good place for telling about the methods and techniques of your research. Tell your approach to the research materials and the ways you worked with the information to come to your findings.

Sentences #5-6

The actual research results got should be written about in the 5th-6th sentence. There is no need to include all the numbers or facts etc. Mention just the main ones, which have the highest significance for your paper.

Sentences #7-8

The discussion of your results. In previous sentences you have just specified what you have found out doing the research. Now you should evaluate the results and indicate, what they show.

Sentences #9-10

Conclude your research and tell what has been generally done. Here you are required to place the common conclusion for the whole research carried. You can emphasize on its value and significance.


 Which Rules Should Be Taken While Writing an Abstract?

There are some rules, which should better be followed while writing a good abstract for a research paper.

       1. Do Not Include Examples

Your abstract should be maximally concise, so there is no need to include any examples.

       2. Write an Abstract After Having Completed the Research Paper

It will be better for you to start working on an abstract after the actual research paper is done. As an abstract reflects the main points of every part, just summarize every one with one sentence and you will be done.

       3. Do Not Make It Too Academic

Surely, your abstract needs to have some main related scientific terms. However, there should not be too many of them. The text should be clear and understandable for not even that narrow specialists in your field. Furthermore, as your abstract represents your paper, it should sound interesting.

       4. If You Feel that You Cannot Cope with It Qualitatively…

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